Top 5 places in Kolkata Ghosts call Home

“Peekaboo!”, long gone are the days when our siblings enjoyed our scared faces, “we aren’t kids anymore!“, Right? Now in the age of science and technology, we claim every action to have a “Cause-Effect” and claim to define them. But is fear so easily eradicated? Or is the scared child still somewhere deep in you? Thinking about the monsters under your bed. If you are those who love eerie places and have a taste for being a ghosts buster try these top 5 haunted locations in Kolkata to thrill yourself:

  1. The Nerdy Ghost: National Library, Alipore

This library has an added excuse (Ghosts) apart from books to keep me away. It is said that the ghost roams this place seeking for careless bookworms who are not so good at arranging and keep books out of order. The scary footsteps would have been enough to keep me away from this place, but there have been instances when lone readers have felt a presence of someone breathing down their neck.

ghosts in kolkata

  1. Rest In Peace? : Parkstreet Cemetery, Parkstreet

One of the oldest and most famous graveyards in Kolkata, the Parkstreet Cemetery is known to haunt people from the 1767’s. This place shares an eerie beauty of its own, with tall trees, beautifully carved graves and a friend who shares the haunted story of the deceased British Soldiers this is a paradise for ghost hunters.

ghosts in kolkata

  1. The Station-ary Ghost: Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station is one of the busiest metro stations. It is also known to be the hotspot for ghosts, owing to the numerous suicides this station has witnessed. With so many sightings of “figures” crossing the metro tracks and disappearing into thin air, ghastly winds breaths coming from nowhere during the last hours of the metro run, Rabindra Sarovar is considered as one of the top haunted places in Kolkata.

ghosts in kolkata

  1. Missing Annabelle! : Putulbari, Sovabazar jetty

Putulbari, the house of dolls is a century old house situated in Sovabazar and was inhabited by Babus in its prime. It is said that till date the house could not forget the atrocities those babus did on many young women and eerie shrieks of women can still be heard in the wee hours from the top floor. Some brave hearts still inhabit the place, but no one dares to step to the top floor.

ghosts in kolkata

  1. 9pm-5am Job? : Wipro Office, Salt Lake

WIPRO is a fairly recently certified Haunted place and it secured a place in this list for its uniqueness. The WIPRO building is said to be built on a graveyard, and maybe the ghosts have found a home on the third level of the building. The severity of haunting lead to a strict notice to not wander near the third floor of Tower 3 ( Is there something to do with the number 3?) and access to the third floor is very limited.

ghosts in kolkata